Sunday Sky

Yesterday was a quiet Sunday afternoon in the pasture.

And oh my goodness, that sky.

It was a Colorado sky for certain.

Our spring snow has boosted the greening up process, such that now the pasture sports the beginnings of a verdant covering.

Even though now it’s more a crew cut than long hair.

But the long hair, er…long grass is on the way.

And the horses know it. They are almost giddy, out there nibbling at the tiny green shoots.


Even Miss P. seems to be on the mend.

These days she often trots in when she sees me. And she’s eating all of her grain, instead of leaving a substantial amount.

Perhaps with the spring, warmer weather, and abundant shedding, her grief is abating. She is adjusting to life without Bud, as are we.

Spring brings the promise of new life.

And yesterday all of us got the message.

Loud and clear.


Thank you Mother Nature.