I’m taking a leap here to even mention the word spring, but all reports tell me the nice weather is on the way.

This weekend.

Seventies, they say.

Now Pepper knows all about that warming trend, and she doesn’t ever listen to the weather forecasters.

She has her own finely tuned system encoded in her DNA.

So spring in the pasture means two things:




And it seems we’re well into both.

Pepper is shedding out with abandon.

I suggested she hold on to a bit of that hair when the previous snow was on the way, but by that time, the process was rolling along.

Every day we get handful after handful of hair from our girl.

She’s going to slick out and be gorgeous.


When I look at all those globs of old, dry hair on the ground around Pepper, it reminds me of new starts. Every year she essentially starts over.

In the natural world, many animals have an annual routine of shedding the old and beginning anew.

I think I like that.

It makes me wonder what I’m holding on to that I could shed.

Lighten my emotinal load.

Or my physical load for that matter.


If it were as simple as brushing out the old and welcoming the new, what would you shed this season?

P.S. I think it is exactly that simple!