Spring snows are notoriously wet, and the storm we’re in the middle of right now is no exception. I think it’s safe to say there isn’t a person around that isn’t delighted about the moisture we’re getting. The earth is soaking up all this wet snow.

When you’re in drought conditions, it’s all about the water.

That said, most of us are tired of the snow. It’s the middle of April for goodness sakes. Where are the daffodils? The tulips? The flowering fruit trees? Most of them haven’t poked their pretty little heads out. Mother Nature trained them well.


Icicle Beads

When I went out to feed my sweet Miss Pepper, I found her with icicle beads dangling from her mane.

She’s not quite so thrilled about all the moisture we’re getting. The pasture is filled with cold, bored, hungry horses. When you graze for a living and your source of nibbling is buried under a foot of snow, well…let’s just say it isn’t pretty.


I did tell Pepper that in many cultures women wear beads in their hair and it’s a expression of beauty. Those diamond-like gems on her dark mane are beautiful.

But she wasn’t buying it. Something about frozen globs of water slapping against your neck with every move you make.

I could see her point.

If you’re reading this surrounded by warmth and spring flowers, send us a little, will you?

And if you’re here in the middle of our spring snowstorm with Pepper and me, or somewhere else with a snowstorm, let’s all repeat the mantra of folks living with drought:

“Thank goodness for all the moisture.”

P.S. Postcards from the Pasture will resume tomorrow.