I’m learning to embrace my age.

Well…sort of.

One thing I’ve noticed lately is how much I like things the way I like them. And more important than simply noticing what I like is actually following through with it.

It’s okay to like what I like.

You may be scratching your head trying to follow what I’m trying to say here, but this is profound for me.

I’ve given myself permission to be who I am.

Not someone else’s version of me – MY version of me.

I’m learning this oh-so-important lesson from Mija – our eighteen-year-old, sweet little earless cat.

She definitely knows what she likes.

And isn’t one bit shy about making it known.

You see, over the past year, she’s had to make some big adjustsments to her lifestyle.

No more jumping on and off furniture.

Much more sleeping.

And strict adherence to her schedule.

In Mija’s world, every action corresponds to her schedule: we sleep at certain times, sit in laps at certain times, sit on the deck at certain times, use the litter box at certain times, eat at certain times, etc. You get the idea. She is one regulated cat.

She knows what she likes.

And if we try to move her from her schedule, she reminds us – sometimes quite loudly, that this is NOT what she had in mind.


A stereotype about aging is that we become rigid; set in our ways.

But now that I’m rounding that side of the mountain, so to speak, I’m beginning to see it differently.

Maybe it’s that we’ve been on the planet long enough to know what pleases us and what doesn’t. And we’re finally allowing ourselves the luxury of doing more things that please us, and fewer things that don’t.

Simple, eh?

And isn’t it about darn time!

P.S. Thanks Mija!