We were in Kansas this past weekend, hanging out with our adorable grandson and his parents. (Also adorable.)


On the way back to Colorado, we stopped in Salina to visit an historic little hole in the wall restaurant called The Cozy Inn.


This place is most definitely a burger joint. No other term works. It’s been in business, dishing up sliders (never with cheese, no sir, not even an option) since 1922.

Back then the burgers cost a nickel.

It was great.

Tiny little place where they cook the burgers right by the ten or so stools where the customers sit.

Super friendly staff.

Loyal customers. “This your first time at the Cozy Inn? You’re in for a treat.”

When we said we were from Colorado, one man chuckled and said, “You’ll have the scent of the Cozy Inn to keep you company all the way home.”

He was right on that front.

Now days later, when I slip on my jacket, I am transported back to the Cozy Inn. No offense, but I think it’s laundry time.

The burgers were delicious – tender and flavorful.

The staff won’t ring you up until you know for sure that you’re finished. They’ll just keep scooping sliders off the grill and placing them in front of you, until you say, “No more.”

Since we knew we still had a long drive ahead of us, we were quite sensible.

I had the kiddie order – two burgers, a bag of chips and a drink. My hubs had four.

See what I mean? Sensible. “Most folks eat at least six or eight,” we were told.

Okay, for us that would NOT be a good idea.


This was a treat. It reminded me yet again of the value of getting off the interstate once in a while and investigating the world around us. It’s so easy to just whiz past the towns, never really seeing what’s there.

It’s the journey and not the destination that matters.

I don’t know who first said that, but it feels important and profound.


Every time I hear it, I think the same thing.

Funny how we need so many reminders to be present to our life.