I’ve got a bit more information about the cuties that recently moved in to the paddock that adjoins the pasture at the upper gate. Turns out they are rescue horses – Christopher and Nicholas.

It seems like big formal names for these guys.

I don’t know their story, that is how they came to be rescued, or why they needed it. I’m just glad it happened because they are adorable.

It’s hard for me to imagine not taking care of your animals, but that’s a rant for another time.

Both are quite friendly and eager to have their manes stroked. I haven’t checked yet if they like rock and roll music, but I’m betting they will.

I mean seriously, who doesn’t?

Chris and Nick  have quite an impressive bloodline.

They are Haflinger horses, originally bred in Austria.

According to the website, Haflinger Horses:

The Haflinger descends from a race of mountain ponies that have grazed the Alps for centuries. These ponies, tough and strong, were used as all-around helpers of the Austrian farmer. Subsisting on sparse rations in the winter, the Haflinger’s ancestors were selectively bred for temperament, hardiness and longevity. Mountain farmers used them for plowing and transportation, packing up steep trails, pulling logs from the forests.

Only those horses who could be handled by all members of the family were kept and bred–thus the docile and friendly nature of the modern Haflingers.

With the introduction of a small amount of Arabian blood in 1874, a foundation Haflinger sire “FOLIE” was born, and is found in the pedigrees of all purebred Haflingers.



It’s going to be fun to get to know these two horses.  Miss P. has already dropped by to say hello.




So has Brio.



On another note: I’m taking the next two blog days (Friday and Monday) off. But I’ll be back in force on Tuesday, April 2nd.


Have a great weekend!