Time for Tuesday Beauty



I was at the feed store the other day, replenishing my supply of hay cubes and horse candy for Miss P. and her pals. While I was waiting for my order to be filled I heard the sweetest little cheeping sound.

Off in the corner was a cage filled with chicks.

A lot of chicks!

Who knows their eventual fate? But for right now, in this very moment it was a reminder to stop, slow down and notice.

Pay attention to the world around me.

It was definitely a moment of grace.

There’s a saying about people getting older: “Well she’s no spring chicken anymore.”

I’d never given it much thought until I saw these little balls of fluff. Yellow, fluffy, and innocent, they opened my heart. I got it – the saying that is.



Want a quick smile?

Spend a few minutes at the feed store with chicks. I guarantee it will lift your spirits.


We live in a beautiful world.


P.S. Good thing we live in the middle of town in a condo. I was dangerously close to adopting!