These two old guys – Joe and Parca are best friends.

When you see one, the other is usually close by. Both are really nice horses. Parca, the retired rodeo horse, and Joe, the horse that’s taught hundreds of kids to ride.

They’re kind.



And have been around the block, so to speak.


I took this picture on a day when the cold wind had stopped blowing, the snow was melting and the temps were edging into the fifties. It was a very good day to relax, stretch out on the ground and soak up the warmth. There wasn’t all that much sun, but it didn’t seem to matter to these two. They seemed content just to be together.


I know exactly what it’s like to spend a leisurely afternoon with friends.

So restorative.

So relaxing.

Such a blessing.


Joe and Parca have inspired me to reach out  today and thank at least one friend for being in my life.

Maybe you’d like to join me.


P.S. Thank YOU for being here, reading this blog!