Pepper is not a member of the “Clean Plate Club.”

She never has been. She’s quite predictable when it comes to eating. She likes to take her time, look around as she slowly chews each mouthful of grain. On days when the wind is howling and I’m freezing my patootie, I accuse her of dawdling.

Pepper likes to mix it up a bit.

Her favorite thing is to eat some grain, then wander over to the bucket of hay cubes and have a few of those. If I remove the bucket so that she no longer can see it, she will usually go back to the grain pan for more. It’s what I must do with a bag of potato chips if one happens to find it’s way into my kitchen.

But I digress.

Pepper rarely, almost never completely finishes eating what’s in her feed pan.

Some years ago, Mirielle Guiliani, the CEO of Veuve Clicquot (luxury champagne) wrote a book entitled, French Women Don’t Get Fat.

The jist of it is that  French women know how to eat in moderation. These days we might term it eating with mindfulness. And, like our Miss Pepper, they always leave a bit of food on their plate. This is in sharp contrast to many American women who seem to have lifetime memberships in that darned CPC (clean plate club.)

We bought it.

We cooked it.

And now by golly we aren’t going to let it go to waste. There are children around the globe starving, so it is our humanitarian duty not to waste the food on our plate.

Anybody else have this little ditty, or some iteration of it programmed into your brain?

Ms. Guiliani contends this way of thinking/eating is a direct road to being over weight.


I’m pretty sure Pepper has read the book.

Her reading tastes usually run to romance and an occasional mystery, but who knows?

Maybe she’s branched into lifestyle and/or self help.