Hello Winter!

Hello seven inches of snow.

Hello much-needed moisture.

Hello long underwear.


We got snow over the weekend. Quite a lot of the stuff.

On Sunday when we went out to feed Miss P. we thought it would be an okay outing. We’d been downtown earlier and the weather seemed like a picture-perfect greeting card.

Or maybe a cute little snow globe with all those fluffy flakes falling on us.


At the pasture it was a different story.

The wind was blowing and the seven inches of snow had made big drifts. It was a challenge to open the gate.

It was a challenge to even walk.


Our sweet girl has developed a rather neurotic gate behavior. She doesn’t like to go past any of the other horses that may have gathered there. So she makes a wide circle, looks for a hole and then runs as fast as her old legs will carry her.

She may be watching entirely too much football!

 Yesterday, the drifted snow made Pepper’s run-through-the-gate-past=the-scary-horses behavior more challenging than usual.

She lost her footing and her front legs went down and that pretty face went right into the snow. It reminded me of my early days learning to ski. I did a lot of face plants.



Thank goodness Miss P. popped right back up, because we can’t use any more horse drama for a very long time.

She had a lot of snow on her nose. (It was gone by the time I snapped the photo above.)

She looked around to see if any of the horses saw her, and then bolted through the gate.


I  lost my balance twice that afternoon and went down, thoughI did manage to keep my face out of the snow.

I did it on purpose, to make Pepper feel a little less self-conscious.

Yeah, right!

I’m telling you, seven inches of snow can cover a lot of uneven ground, holes, ditches, and bumps.

So be careful out there…