“Grief shared is half grief; joy shared is double joy.”

~Honduran Proverb


One of my favorite photos of Bud. Peeking out through the gate on an icy afternoon.

Dear Blog Friends,

Your kindness and support for us as we deal with the death of our sweet Bud has been wonderful and so very touching.

When I began this journey of blogging nearly three years ago, I had no idea what this community would come to mean to me.

But we have become a family of sorts in this newfangled digital world.  And it’s a family I treasure.

Thank you for your comments, your warm wishes and your love of animals.

Thank you for taking our two old sweeties and their pals, the Herd of Oldsters, into your lives and hearts. Thank you for laughing with us and crying with us.

Thank you!


Choosing to welcome an animal into our lives means that at some deep level we know that sooner or later we will lose them. It’s not a  thought that’s out there front and center, but it’s there.

We know.

Each and every one of us knows that change is a part of life.

It doesn’t make our love any less sweet. In fact, it probably makes it sweeter, this knowing that our time together has an endgame. I’m not suggesting that we dwell on it, or grasp and clutch at life. Knowing is enough I think.

And in between those moments of beginning and ending are such glorious experiences. Animals help us become more human, if that’s possible.

They help us learn to experience joy in it’s purest form.

They help us learn to love unconditionally.

They give us so many opportunities to revel in the beauty and wonder of life.

They teach us to live in the moment and appreciate each other.

They teach us to laugh and not take ourselves so seriously.

They teach us to extend ourselves past our familiar comfort zones.

And at last, they teach us to befriend our grief. We learn that grief doesn’t kill us; that we will get through it. And that life awaits when we’re ready to step back into the flow.

And that my friends, is the most amazing gift of all.


If you’ll indulge me, I’m going to spend this week, sharing stories and favorite photos of Bud. I’ve been looking through photographs, and Rick and I have been laughing and talking as we remember our life with this sweetest of beings.


Thank you again and many blessings to you for being here with us.


Jean, Rick and Miss P.