Meet Parka.

He’s one of the newer members of the Herd of Oldsters, though he’s lived in the pasture for at least a couple of years. I’m not sure what led him to the Oldsters, though I suspect it had to do with the gossip he’d heard around the pasture about the oddball folks that feed their horses from the back of their vehicle and hand out snacks.

Some horses simply cannot keep a secret.

So one day he moseyd over to check it out and decided he liked what he saw.

Parka is retired from the rodeo.

He was a working horse.

We know this because branded on his left flank are the letters PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.)

Can you see how we came up with his blog name?

We can be so darned creative sometimes!

The story we heard about Parka was that when his owner retired from the rodeo, he just couldn’t let Parka go to an unknown fate. He is just too nice a horse.

We agree. Parka is a complete gentleman.

When I show up at the pasture and unload feed pans and call in the two sweeties, Parka stands at a distance watching me and waiting for an invitation, unlike some of the others that belly up to the fence and get a little pushy.

Parka waits.

He watches.


And if I call to him, he’ll come to the fence for a treat.

And then he watches me some more.

Parka is old school, with old school manners.

He doesn’t want to be a nuisance, or go where he’s not welcome.

“Yes, Maam I surely do appreciate those hay cubes,” his eyes will say after each treat.

He’s grateful.

And mannerly.

There’s no showboating with Parka.

He knows what he’s done in his life.

He’s been in the spotlight in an arena.

He’s helped his rider earn money.

And who knows, maybe even fame?

But he doesn’t rub it in to the others.

I like him for that.

Parka is a horse that knows who he is.

Comfortable in his own skin.

We’re still getting acquainted, but I’m guessing that when he feels totally comfortable with me, he’ll have some great stories to tell.

I’ll be sure to pass them along to you!