“Ask, Believe, Receive.”



Our geriatric cat Mija is a master at asking for what she wants.

She asks, she totally believes that it is going to happen, and voila, it usually does! She’s been a great teacher for me.

Some might say she has trained us well. It would be true.

I’ve watched with interest though to see how she gets what she wants, even though her life circumstance has changed. With age has come changes in her body. Changes in the how she does things, but never the actual doing of it.


For example, she likes to spend her evenings curled up on my husband’s lap. She’s a big fan of his favorite television programs.

Go figure!

In her more youthful days, she’d jump onto his lap, settle in and stay put. These days, she no longer is able to jump.

So what does she do instead?

She asks.

She positions herself at the foot of his chair, which happens to be a recliner.

And he lowers the “drawbridge” so she can climb onto his lap.

Then when she wants down, she stands on the edge of the chair and asks to be lowered.

She assumes it will happen, and it does.


This routine occurs throughout the day. She asks and we respond. She wants up on the bed to nap in the sun and one of us lifts her into position. She wants to go outside for a sniff of the night air, and one of us opens the door and puts the porch light on so she can see better. She asks to be fed and one of us responds.


Now you may think that she is just spoiled, but we prefer to think of it as an ongoing demonstration of ask, believe, receive.

I truly think Mija is in our lives to model this powerful principle for us. And gently, but firmly she continues  until one day we’ll finally get it!


How are you doing with ask, believe, receive?

Do you have animal mentors helping you grasp the concept? Do tell.