Oreo-cookiesAt Pepper’s insistance, I’m conducting this terribly unscientific investigation.

We’re curious about how you eat an Oreo cookie.

We’ve observed (and participated in) several styles:

  • Pry the two cookies apart and lick the creamy white frosting in the middle, then eat the chocolate cookie
  • Pry the two cookies apart and eat one, then lick the frosting, then eat the remaining cookie
  • Eat the cookie in tact – two chocolate cookies and the frosting in the middle.



This topic came up as I watched Pepper nose her way through the hay mix she currently favors as her lunch.

She gets those prehensile lips into the flake of hay and works until every morsel of the sweet alfalfa is prised from the surrounding hay. She likes the alfalfa section best!

In the pasture, the same method is employed. The horses go for the tastiest bits first, and then eventually get around to eating every shred of remaining hay.

Not unlike the “frosting first” versus the “cookie first” debate related to Oreos.

So we ask again: How do you eat an Oreo?

Just tell us in the comment section below. I’ll pass everything you say on to Miss P.

And thanks for helping with this scientific inquiry!