Frosty Noses Collage

Winter is beautiful, I’ll give her that.

When the temperature drops, the boarding facility where our two old sweeties live, gets quiet.

Not much action in the single digit temps.

Except of course, the two oddballs that feed their horses from the back of their car!

It was crystalline cold over the weekend. Many of the horses were blanketed and there was quite a fashion show in the pasture.

The Canada Geese hunkered in the snow in an adjoining field like little torpedoes of feather and ebony bills. Only occasionally would they venture into the leaden skies to change location.

The pasture horses were more interested than ever in getting in line for hay cubes and conversation. A frozen, snow-covered pasture is pretty boring. Nothing to do but wait for the hay truck to show up – and that’s only twice a day.

Some of the characters at the fenceline had whisker-cicles from their steamy breath hitting the freezing air.

I love these guys!

Hope you’re staying warm.