Pepper is a mare that knows what she likes.

She’s discerning when it comes to her food. Some might even say she’s picky.

A few months back she decided she liked a handful of crushed alfalfa cubes spread over her grain. Back then we were just being practical and using up every bit of the feed we’d purchased. And we knew Pepper needed all the calories we could give her to hold her weight through the winter.

Well, we created a bit of a challenge, because NOW the ever-watchful Miss P. EXPECTS a sprinkling of alfalfa bits. She’s not interested in eating her grain without it.

Problem is we don’t always have these bits. They’re what’s left at the bottom of the hay cube bag.

We’ve taken to doling them out and sometimes crushing a cube or two to get the desired alfalfa crumbles.

As if we don’t already have enough to do when it comes to taking care of the two old sweeties.

But in truth, we can only blame ourselves, since we introduced the alfalfa bits in the first place.

Have you ever innocently started something that eventually took on a life of it’s own?  I’m guessing parents can add some interesting stories here.

I understand what Pepper is going through.

At our house we’re in the process of retraining our taste buds (yet again!) away from holiday goodies and back to healthy eating. Somehow kale salad doesn’t hold the same appeal as frosted sugar cookies, carmel corn, and pumpkin pie. But we’re working on it!

What’s your favorite healthy snack? Let’s make a list.

P.S. Pepper wants to add for the record, that in her opinion, alfalfa crumbles ARE a healthy snack. She can’t understand what the problem is.

How do we argue with that logic?