Mija isn’t any too happy about the cold weather.

Her old bones like the heat. First thing in the morning, she takes up her post on the deck to peruse her domain.

“Still snowy,” she usually announces with a snarky yowl.

And then she retreats into the house and a puddle of sun to lie in if she’s lucky. If there’s no sun, she cuddles on her fleece bed and makes her own warmth.

I can relate.

It seems lately I like the idea of snow and cold more than the reality of it.

For the first time in my life, I really understand snowbirds – the folks that spend their winters in warmer locations and then return to Colorado (or Wyoming or Idaho or Minnesota or Iowa etc.) for the wonderful summers.

I so get it.

The cold wears me out and makes me tired.

Boy do I hate to announce that to the world, and yet I must.

When I began this blog I promised to be honest about aging. So here it is: Mija and I are feeling the effects of winter.  It’s making us tired and just the teeniest bit grumpy.

We’re already waiting for spring with great anticipation.

How are you doing in the cold?