Bud has brand spanking new shoes.

Doesn’t he look sharp in his black coat and new black shoes?


These gel-cushioned Soft Ride Boots have made a remarkable difference in Bud’s feet. The bruising is healing and (crossing fingers here) there are no new abscesses. We’re sighing deep exhalations of relief because around Thanksgiving time we thought sure he was on his last legs.


Of course a few “issues” still remain.


With his feet enclosed in these shoes all the time, he’s developed some kind of infection on the frog (v-shaped section on the underside) of his hoof. Our vet suggested spritzing on Clorox every day, which of course, we’re doing.

Oh the things we do for our animals!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for your animals?

I know there’s something.

So come on, fess up.