“If cookies be the food of love, munch on.”

~Dame Judi Dench


I have to come clean with you about something. I love cookies.

Not eating them so much as reading about them. And making them. Of course, I do eat them, but it isn’t my primary interest.

What I adore is reading cookie recipes.

I have an abundance of cookbooks and magazines extolling the virtues of cookies. Every holiday season, I find that another cookie magazine has jumped into my grocery basket.

Darn those racks at the checkout counters!

It’s not unusual for me to take a cookbook to bed to read before sleep.

I am a full-fledged cookie recipe-aholic.

To me, cookies are miniature pieces of art.

I love to make the pretty ones – the ones that take time to decorate.

Recently my sister came to my house and we spent the morning decorating sugar cookies.

I have quite a large selection of decorations, including gold and purple edible glitter that we bought last week on impulse. (Is there anything but impulse-buys when it comes to cookies?)

We had fun; lots of fun.

We worried over each cookie, making it as pretty as we could.

We drizzled dark chocolate across stars like a Jackson Pollack painting.

We dotted bells with red-hot candies.

We sprinkled Jimmies and colored sugar.

And it goes without saying that we had to occasionally dip a finger into the buttercream frosting for a taste.

So now we present our creations to the people for whom cookie-recipe-readers and bakers live – the cookie eaters.

I have no doubt that these little morsels of love will be so very appreciated. Even if the elegant, artistic qualities are missed when the cookie goes into the mouth in one bite!

Where do you stand on the cookie recipe reading, cookie baking, cookie eating spectrum?

And what’s your favorite holiday cookie?