Our herd of oldsters is expanding.

Let’s see: We care for two old horses, their pals, and a sweet old cat.

Then of course, there’s us – and we’re no spring chickens.

So it seemed only logical to take on the role of Secret Santa for two lovely ninety-one year old ladies who have no family to help them celebrate this holiday season.

We’d seen an article in our local paper putting out the call for volunteers.

Something inside us said we had to do this.

The gig is this – spend time.



Get to know each other.

And if we want to give a gift, it’s certainly welcome.

But the real gift is time.


In the information we were given we learned that one likes Little House on the Prairie and the Waltons, which is a clue that she may not be watching current television! And the other likes to talk religion and politics.

Whoo Boy!

Not sure we’ll go down that road. But maybe…


On the one hand we’re adding another responsibility to our already very busy lives.

But it’s a responsibility that is giving us energy not depleting us.

We’re looking forward to getting to know our ladies. It’s been fun shopping for them, and planning our visits.

It’s increased our Christmas spirit about a hundred fold.

And really, isn’t that what this season is about?

I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes.


Is there someone you could reach out to this holiday season?

Someone who could use the gift of your time and attention?