A few years ago in a writing class we studied a personal essay written by a woman who lived with an old cat. Unfortunately I can’t find the essay to give the author proper credit.

In essence, the essay described how the cat was making the author live a more environmentally healthy lifestyle. She’d chosen not to travel and leave her sweet old cat. No travel meant no burning of fossil fuels or polluting the air.

Sort of.

Who would gently lift her cat to the sink and let her drink from the dripping faucet, she wondered. Who would know exactly how she liked to be petted? Or the exact mix of food she preferred?

The author reasoned no one would or could care for her cat the way she did. And to her way of thinking,  making her cat comfortable in her old age (and probably last days) was worth the sacrifice of not traveling for a while.

Well, we are right there with the author.

At least for now, we’ve agreed that only one of us can be away from home at a time.

Bud is still improving, but he’s not out of the woods yet. And in truth, we know we are living on borrowed time with our old guy.


And our sweet little cat Mija is showing signs of her advanced age. She sleeps most of the day and when she is awake, she’s a little confused and is having problems getting around.


We don’t want to leave our animals because we’ve developed routines that comfort them. Routines that we can’t expect anyone else to follow. So we’ll stay home. And if we need to travel, we’ll go one at a time.

We figure it’s the least we can do for our sweet old things that have added so much richness to our lives.


What sacrifices are you making for your animals? And how do you feel about it?