I don’t think so.

I’m a curmudgeon when it comes to certain things.

Things like rewarding latecomers ahead of those who arrived first.

You might imagine I wasn’t on board the “call waiting train.”

In fact I loathe it.

To me, call waiting – where your phone beeps to tell you there is someone else on the line- was a terrible invention. You respond by saying something like, “ I’m sorry but I need to take this call. Can you hold for a moment?”

I often hang up.

If you can’t talk to me right then, just say so.

But don’t put me on hold.

Don’t tell me that I’m less important than the person who is now on the line.

Because that’s exactly how I read it.

I’ll talk with you until this other call comes in, but then I really must take it. I’m just killing time with you. You understand don’t you? It’s nothing personal. It’s me being efficient. Multi-tasking.

Well we all know the current research about multi-tasking. It’s bad for the brain.

So don’t multi-task me.


Treat me with respect, as if I am an important person to you.

Because why else would you be on the telephone with me?



Amigo first at the gate for treats

I’ve carried this curmudgeonly outlook to the pasture.

When we pull our two old sweeties out for their grain, the rest of the Herd of Oldsters usually ambles to the gate for their share of treats.

Amigo is usually first, and I reward him for it by giving him the first cube of hay.

As others show up, Amigo still gets fed first. There’s no “cube waiting” for him.

First come, first served is my motto.


Where do you stand with “call waiting?” Am I being a curmudgeon? A luddite?