I love human ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit and I am happy to report that it is alive and well right here in northern Colorado.


We were looking for a way to clean our horse’s blankets.

Not in our washer.

And not welcome at the Laundromat.

This posed a dilemma until we found The Horse Concierge.

This team of accomplished horse lovers will wash and mend torn blankets for a crazy-reasonable fee. They have convenient drop-off locations around town. Your blankets come back fresh and clean and sealed in a protective bag.

Wowzer was all we could manage to say.

This was a real find.

They also offer a variety of grooming services, using only eco-friendly products. Pepper is already thinking a spa day would be a nice Christmas gift. That’s our girl!

Funny how it’s the small things that make one’s life really work.

If you know of a horse owner that needs to get blankets cleaned before the snow flies, pass the word about the Horse Concierge.

P.S. They also clean dog beds and coats.