Well I made it through the entire month of November with an intention to focus on gratitude.

Some days I actually wrote five things in my gratitude journal.

Some days I didn’t write anything down. But what I’ve learned about the process is that gratitude grows with attention.

It’s another riff on one of my favorite sayings: What you focus on expands.

I immersed myself in feeling grateful, even on those days when life handed me really hard things to deal with, like Bud’s most recent health crisis, I forced myself to find something to feel grateful about. For example, we have a wonderful team of health care providers for our animals. They are dedicated and competent and really “there” for us. We have amazing friends and family both in our immediate environment and in the blog world who’ve held Bud and Pepper and us in their thoughts.

What a blessing that is.


There have been some spectacular sunsets this month and I’ve seen a lot of them when I’m out tending our two old sweeties.

So do I feel more grateful at the end of this month?


I’ve collected quotations about gratitude. I’ve written a thirty day gratitude challenge for my clients. I’ve watched uplifting videos. And all of it has fed me. Nourished my spirit. Early this morning I received this message in my email:

“Small acts of appreciation build spiritual stamina! Not all of us were taught that one. But the truth is finally out, gratitude brings new life into your present life.”

I love being on a path with so many others.

In my wanderings around the Internet, I came across the work of Brother David Steindl-Rast and this short video about feeling grateful for each day.  I invite you to take five minutes and view this. It’s beautiful and refreshing.

And now it’s on to feeling grateful every day – not just in November!

Video from KarmaTube