Bud is back in orthotic shoes, and they seem to be helping. They make him look like he’s wearing bedroom slippers, but he doesn’t care.

I’ve been known to wear my bedroom slippers most of the day when I’m home.

I guess it runs in the family.

These boots are called Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots, and they are the bomb. The gel cushioning protects Bud’s old, tired, sore feet.

 X-rays Confirm the Pain

Our vet took x-rays on Monday, which confirmed that Bud’s feet are indeed sore. He has an abscess on one hoof and a gas pocket on the other. So his feet are wrapped in poultices and snug in the Soft-Ride boots.

The Whole Family is Hobbling Around

Right now in our immediate family – that would be two humans, one old cat and two old horses – everyone has some type of mobility issue.

In other words, we’re kind of a mess!

Arthritis and injury are definitely taking their toll.

Suffice to say that no one is going anywhere quickly these days! But maybe that’s okay. It seems that I continually receive reminders to slow down and be present to the moment at hand. And now my body is underscoring that reminder.

For now, Bud is doing better.

He is in less pain; we hope the abscess is healing; and he is getting lots of TLC.

One day at a time is our motto.