Bud had a special visitor over the weekend.

She’s a longtime friend.

And a pretty girl who came bearing fresh, sweet apple slices.

He loved the attention. What old guy wouldn’t? What young guy wouldn’t love that kind of attention?

It’s been a rough few days for Bud with abscesses on both of his front feet. That makes for one very sore Appaloosa.

And many very worried people.

For now he’s doing better and we’re grateful beyond measure.

But we know it’s a slippery slope. We find ourselves trapped on a sort of roller coaster ride that we didn’t really sign up for. Unfortunately that’s part of the gig when you share your life with old animals.

We have hard conversations ahead of us. And even more difficult decisions.

But for now, we choose to enjoy this beautiful present moment where Bud is feeling better, his spirits buoyed by pain meds, fresh apples and a visit from a beautiful old pal.