Time for Tuesday Beauty

When I’m out feeding our two old sweeties, one of the blessings I receive on a near daily basis is to be up close and personal with Mother Nature.

Of course I don’t always realize the extent of the blessing until later, because I’m too busy at the time trying to stay warm during a snowstorm or cool on a ninety-plus day.

The sound of my complaining sometimes overtakes the beauty I’m receiving.

But then there are other days when I am struck absolutely breathless by something so simple as birds making their way across a blue sky, or the setting sun, or the glint of light in my sweet mare’s eye.

My work seems to be to forgive myself for my humanness and revel in it at the same time.

As my friend  Rebecca sometimes says, “Ain’t life grand?”

We live in a beautiful world!

P.S. Bud seems to be a bit better.
He’s out of the hospital stall and back in the pasture, which makes him a much happier Appaloosa.

Thank you for caring.