It’s cold outside.

The temperature just took a nosedive and we are vividly reminded that winter is here.

Several of my friends have commented that they are glad for the cold and snow. I used to agree with them, but lately, not so much. Winter is a rough time for our two old sweeties and I worry.

When they were younger this wasn’t a big deal. They are horses after all. But as senior citizen horses, they have problems with winter.

  • It’s hard to keep weight on them.
  • The icy pasture is difficult to negotiate.
  • Horses are hungry and the overall mood of the herd is cranky.

And honestly, everything is more of a chore in the freezing weather. All that bundling up is rather exhausting.


So this year, our big expenditure was a new warm coat for Bud.

You may recall that he’s been wearing Pepper’s hand-me-down coat and it looked like high-water pants on him. And it wasn’t all that warm. He took it in stride because frankly I don’t think he cared.

 But he’s looking pretty dashing in his new black coat.

Don’t you agree?

The cold is supposed to break mid-week and I can stop whining about it for a bit.

Until then, I’m thrilled that our two old sweeties are warm and protected from the rain/snow/cold.


Where do you land on the like winter/don’t like winter scale? I’m taking a very informal and unscientific survey. Just leave your comment below.


And if it’s cold where you live, take care and stay warm!

If it’s warm where you are, can we come visit?