Wednesday with Mija

It’s been quite a while since Mija, our almost-seventeen-year-old cat has had something to say here in the blog.

She took the spring and summer off.

Her advanced years are catching up with her.

She has back pain for which she takes medication.

She sleeps much of the day.

She has arthritis and doesn’t get around as quickly as she once did.

She no longer jumps up onto the couch or bed, though she has trained us quite handily to do the lifting for her!

And when she jumps off the bed or couch or chair, it is usually with a resounding thud. Long gone are the days of the lithe, graceful feline.

Even so, Mija enjoys her life.

She revels in the routine she’s enjoyed for all her years.

She still sleeps in the sun, pokes her head out each day for a sniff or two or three of fresh air.

She purrs like an expensive, well-tuned racecar.

She loves to spend time with her peeps.

And she’s been quite clear about the brand of food she is willing to eat.


Her message is this: Life is good at all ages.

If you must get creative about how you do things, well then GET CREATIVE.  If you have to lie down to drink your water, so be it.

Stay present to your life.

And the people with whom you share it.

Because this sweet life of ours is so very precious.

And it goes by quickly.