It was a gorgeous autumn day when our friend Betsy was finally able to meet Bud, Pepper and the Herd of Oldsters. She’s been a faithful reader and fan of our two old sweeties, so it was really good to get her out there.

 She didn’t come empty handed either.

See the bag of carrots she’s holding?

Made for some happy horses.

Pepper wasn’t impressed, but then she’s a little picky when it comes to what goes in her mouth. She’s never had a taste for carrots.

Or apples.

Or peppermints. That was a real disaster.


In stark contrast, Bud was overjoyed!

Like he is about anything related to food.

Never met something to eat that he didn’t like.

Well…except peppermints.


Animal-lovers seem to speak the same language – love me, love my animals.

It always is heartening to share your babies with a kindred soul.

Thanks Betsy for making the time, and of course, for bringing the carrots!



Bud, Pepper and the Herd of Oldsters

Oh, and Jean and Rick