Do you know when you see something you want?

Are you willing to wait for it?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get it?

I was reminded of these important life questions this weekend when our grandson was visiting. We were at Lee Martinez Park in our town, checking out the farm animals, the pumpkin patch, the hayrides, and the ponies.

We purchased a pony ride, but I wasn’t sure our almost-three-year-old grandson would want to go through with it.

I was wrong!

Pony rides were the only thing on his mind.

We stood by the corral as the attendant put saddles on the horses.

Our grandson immediately went to Brownie.

“I like this one,” he proclaimed.

It was at least thirty minutes before the pony rides were to begin, but he was undaunted.

“Want to look at the other horses?” We asked.


“Want to walk around and look at the pigs?”



He’d found Brownie and that was what he wanted.

They were soul mates.

They even have the same color hair!

So we waited.

And waited.

I was impressed with his ability to wait.

He only agreed to do something else for a while when it appeared that a huge birthday party had first dibs on the pony rides.


When we came back and lined up for our turn, his first question was, “Where’s Brownie?”

It turns out Brownie was waiting for our grandson. The attendant had held him just for us.

Happy boy!


It made me think about the many times I allow myself to get distracted from a goal I’m working toward.

This was just the reminder I needed.

I’ve often commented that the horses are my best life coaches. Now I’m adding a three-year-old wise person to the list.


How about you?

Do you know what you want?

And are you willing to stay focused until you get it?