Chickadee is a founding member of the Herd of Oldsters and one of the sweetest horses I’ve ever met.

One day this past week when we were out feeding our two old sweeties, we noticed the zigzag line of stitches across her nose. We have no idea what kind of trouble she got herself into, but the end result was someone had to stitch up the gash in her nose.

I’m pretty certain it was a veterinarian.

Large animal vets have mobile practices. Their trucks are outfitted with all the supplies they need to handle just about anything they might encounter. Our vet even travels with a portable x-ray machine.

I think large animal vets are the original concierge doctors.

When your horse is in trouble, it is supremely comforting to know that you have someone to call.

Someone that will know exactly what to do.

Someone you trust.

Someone that knows your animals and cares about them.

This is my little love note to the veterinarians of the world.

You rock! Thank you for everything you do for us.

P.S. Chickadee seems to be healing nicely.