Miss Pepper starting to show some gray in her face.

A few years back my older sister teasingly commented that she had no idea what color my hair is.

That is to say, my natural hair color.


Yes, I color my hair.

Just to keep it looking like my natural color. Okay, I know that sounds a tad contradictory.

Maybe more than a tad.

My sister let her hair go silver years ago. And it looks beautiful. I have friends with gorgeous silver hair- BT for one.

Hair that is stunning.

I’m not a gray snob.

Am I?

Well I don’t think so. It’s just that I like my hair’s current color.

It feels like who I am.

Am I in denial about aging?

Yes, probably.

But I know there will be time when I think differently about coloring my hair.

When it will be right for me.


Miss Pepper is also getting a sprinkling of white in her coat, and even a few gray hairs in her tail and mane.

In contrast to me, she’s never even considered coloring her hair. She’s much more skilled at accepting herself just as she is.


Where do you stand on the topic of coloring hair? Do tell.

By the way, it’s perfectly acceptable to have an opinion without revealing anything personal.

Just sayin’…