Photo courtesy of Traveling with Grandchildren website

My friend Rebecca is a traveler-has been since I’ve known her over forty years now.

She’s been to something like 44 states and 17 countries outside the U.S. She had the travel bug long before it bit me. But I did manage to live vicariously through her adventures for many years.


In the past few years she’s shared her love of travel with her grandchildren.

She and her husband have hit the open road with the next generation of their family and had some pretty amazing adventures.

Now she’s sharing what she learned with the rest of us grandparents who may be thinking of traveling someday with our grandkids.


You can find her brand spanking new website right here. It’s called Traveling with Grandchildren and is chock full of good ideas and information to ensure a fun and safe time for all.

Rebecca is a teacher, so in her organized, “let’s make this a learning opportunity” way she has provided lists, charts and resources on all manner of things one might encounter.

She also gives interesting, but little-known facts, like how to get tree sap out of a child’s hair. And that’s only the beginning. Trust me!

She also has a great sense of humor which is reflected in each page of this charming, helpful website.

Do have a look and tell your grandparent friends about it.


Well done dear friend. Travel on!