Let me begin by saying I have not made a typo in the title. SweeTango is the registered name of a new variety of apple just now showing up in our stores.  This little apple came with a ton of hype and more branding than a Hollywood celebrity.

It’s been called a superior apple with perfect crunch, juice and a tart-sweet flavor. Even the New Yorker Magazine  is touting SweetTango’s perfection.

Writer John Seabrook said this:

“SweeTango has much larger cells than other apples, and when you bite into it the cells shatter, rather than cleaving along the cell walls, as is the case with most popular apples. The bursting of the cells fills your mouth with juice. Chunks of SweeTango snap off in your mouth with a loud cracking sound.

Interesting eh?

My husband had been reading about SweetTangos and was eager to try them. We recently received a coupon from a local grocery store announcing the SweetTangos were on the shelves in the produce aisle. The coupon offered fifty cents off to try them.


We were actually excited.


I dashed to the store, worried they might go so quickly I wouldn’t make it in time. Memories of Cabbage Patch Dolls, Tickle Me Elmo and the iPhone 5 flashed before my eyes.


You’ll be glad to know I made it.

There was no line out the door or a crush of shoppers around the SweetTango Apples. In fact, I had a little trouble finding them in their nondescript bin. I picked out six fat round apples and brought them home.


We couldn’t wait to chill them. I sliced into one and we each took that first bite. Then we looked at each other. “What do you think?” I asked.

My husband chewed and sniffed and rolled the apple flesh in his mouth as if tasting a fine wine. Which he never does, I hasten to add.

“It’s good,” he said.

 Truth is we both were a bit under-whelmed.

I think we expected a chorus of angels to serenade us as soon as we got the apple in our mouths. You know, haloes, and lights and music. This apple’s hype was that good. Even one of Oprah’s chefs was calling it the best apple he’d ever eaten.

I tucked the remaining apples in the fridge so they could get nice and cold. I’m happy to tell you they’re growing on us.  Each time we eat one, we like it more.

It is a crunchy, juicy apple with a good flavor.


Apples are great snacks. And this is the time of year to enjoy them. If you’ve been in a rut eating only Delicious or Fuji or Gala, step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Yesterday at the Farmer’s Market there was a local apple grower with at least ten different varieties on his table. As others come into season the lineup will change.


Here’s my challenge to you on this first day of October: See how many different varieties of apples you can eat over the next couple of months. And do try the SweetTangos and tell me what you think.



P.S. My friend Laurel loves apples. So much so, in fact, she keeps a sectioned apple corer at home, her office and maybe even one in her purse! She’s always prepared to have an apple for a snack.

Happy birthday to my apple-loving pal!