Three weeks ago, give or take a day, I was in a bicycle accident that resulted in a mild concussion, staples in my head, and a LOT of bruises and aches and pains on just about every part of my body.

I’m happy to report to you that finally I’m feeling better – significantly better.

And boy is that great!

I’m still taking it easier than I used to, which upon reflection may will become my new normal.

I’ve learned a few things from this experience.

In no particular order, here they are:

  1. We humans bounce when we come in contact with hard objects, like, oh I don’t know… big boulders.
  2. The world is full of caring, helpful, kind people and I have connected with many of them.
  3. My friend Rebecca is the soup angel.
    During my recovery she brought us three different kinds of delicious soup.
    It was a much-welcome gift especially because there were days when I simply couldn’t pull any kind of meal together.
    Soup heals.
    Friends rock. 
  4. Slowing down is a good thing.
    My aching head asked me to take life much slower than is my norm.
    And you know what? I liked it.
    I sat on the deck sipping tea and listening to the squirrels chatter in the trees. I napped. I listened to soothing music.
    The biggest “aha” was that nothing in my world came to a crashing halt because I slowed down.
    Not one thing. Hmm??
  5. I’ll never be on my bike again without my helmet.
    Lesson learned, thank you very much.
    And huge thanks to my friends and family who allowed me to learn this lesson without any “I told you so’s.”
    Scolding doesn’t help people learn.
  6. Receiving cards and calls of support are really healing.
    I’ll remember and do more of this. Especially now that I am committed to slowing my life down.
  7. The body’s ability to heal is awesome. I feel so grateful to my body for hanging in there with me.
  8. My guardian angel was taking good care of me on that Saturday afternoon.
    This accident was a serious one and I could have been badly hurt, instead of just dented.
  9. On the days I couldn’t get out to see my two old sweeties because my head was pounding or I was resting, I REALLY missed them. Our daily routine has become an important, soul-nourishing part of my life. 
  10. I’m so grateful to be in my life, right here, right now.
    Practicing gratitude helps me appreciate every moment. Things aren’t perfect, but then again perfection isn’t real.
    Or perhaps it’s that the imperfect is exactly perfect.
    Okay, thinking that one through may be too much for my still-tender brain.


Take time every day to relax, breathe, have fun and be silly.
Yes that is a picture of me wearing a unicorn hat in a toy store in Taos, New Mexico.