Those of you following this blog for a while may remember my first foray into the world of texting.

I was trying to send a text to my son and daughter-in-law thanking them for the wonderful visit.

Wendy had just sent a text to me, letting me know they’d arrived home safely.

I was full of emotion so quickly hit reply and tried to say, “Thank you so much for making the trip. I loved having you here.”

The best I could ever get out was “tank lama,” which in exasperation I finally just sent.

Since then it has become code in our family for “I love you.” Except for the fact that I felt clumsy and so Twentieth Century, it turned out okay.

Seriously, how hard can texting be?

Fast-forward a couple of years.

I am now the proud owner of a sleek, sexy iphone.

With its purchase I was certain I could become a Class-A texter.

You see I had been blaming my texting problems on the phone.

In twenty-twenty hindsight, I see my error!

A few days ago I was again trying to send a text to my daughter-in-law. This time I wanted to thank her for the nifty new ear buds she’d sent me. My doctor told me a good thing to help my brain heal was to listen to music. So I plugged into my phone and listened to soothing music. It felt wonderful. Again I was filled with warm, loving thoughts and wanted to reach out to Wendy.

Isn’t immediacy one of the benefits of sending texts?

Here’s where it started to go wrong:

  • I was in a hurry.
  • I have a concussion and my thinking is fuzzier than usual.
  • I didn’t have my glasses on.
  • The phone is smarter than I am.

I quickly pulled up a recent text and started to reply. Unfortunately this message had been addressed to Wendy and my husband.

Didn’t notice that.

I couldn’t just say something clever like, “Am loving the ear buds. Thx.”

No. I had to go into the entire explanation. This is a reason I’m probably not the best candidate to text.

I started with, “The doctor says listening…” except that in my muddled texting behavior I said, “The doctor says lusty.”

To my credit, I noticed the error right away. I hit the little backspace button to revise the word lusty to listening.

Except… it was the send button.

The process exhausted me.  I set the phone aside, thinking I’d try again later.

Then the phone rang. It was my husband, who was out feeding our two old sweeties.

He’d received my text saying, “The doctor says lusty.”

He didn’t know what to think of it, though I believe the word lusty kind of thrilled him. At the very least it made him curious. We’ve been married a while, you know!

I explained what I was trying to do.

I think he was a little disappointed.

Sorry Rick!

But he also reminded me that the doctor said “No texting.”

I could blame my texting errors on the concussion.


Well, you know the answer.

To those of you receiving my texts, I’m sorry. Truly. Thank you for understanding and hanging in there with me.

Tank lama to all of you!