A barn full of gold!

Times are getting tough for livestock owners.

It’s been one hot, dry summer and the hay crops all over the country are suffering. That means it’s getting hard to lay in the winter supply of feed for our animals. Prices have skyrocketed making it a seller’s market. I’ve heard stories about people getting their hay contracts cancelled, or not being able to get hay at all.

Scary times if you have animals to feed.

And a byproduct of not being able to feed your animals is to get rid of them.

Unfortunately the stories of abandoned horses are increasing.

Two were just dumped into the pasture in the dead of night at our boarding facility.

Poor babies.

Now they have to go to auction, because that’s the law.

Others are being turned out on BLM lands where they don’t stand a chance of surviving.

Turning a domestic horse out is no different that abandoning a cat or dog on the highway.

They don’t have a clue of how to survive in the wild.

It’s cruel.

And cowardly.

I understand the desperation people feel when they have no money to feed their animals.

Or the money they have won’t cover the costs.

What I don’t understand is abandonment.

We make a commitment when we take animals into our lives.

It is our responsibility to care for them.

To give them the best life we possibly can.

And when times get tough, we don’t just ditch them by the side of the road, or in somebody’s pasture.

We find a way.

An honorable way.


What’s your two cents on this topic?

What would you do?