I was at the Gardens on Spring Creek this weekend, wandering around taking pictures, appreciating the landscape and enjoying the art. Among the many gorgeous plants, the eggplant growing in huge Chinese-red pots caught my eye.

When I pointed them out, my friend hunched his shoulders, wrinkled his nose and proclaimed, “Ick. I hate eggplant.”

At that moment I came face to face with the realization that there is wild, unbridled prejudice against the humble eggplant.

Wow, to actually hate a vegetable.

I couldn’t totally wrap my mind around it, though I know there are millions of veggie-haters in the world.

And probably even more that are selective about the vegetables they despise.

It got me thinking about the vegetables I eat – which is pretty much all of them.

Granted, I don’t use a lot of eggplant.

In fact, I rarely buy it.

But I’ve had delicious eggplant Parmesan. And ratatouille – oh my goodness! And I recently found a recipe for grilled eggplant that looked pretty darned good. I clipped the recipe, which means it made it into the next circle of my cooking plans.

You do have cooking plan circles don’t you?

We’ll have to talk about that later.

So on this Monday morning, the last one in August, I’m putting you in the driver’s seat. Take a moment and complete the poll below. Let’s find out once and for all, where you stand on eggplant.

Who knows? It could become a matter of great importance.

Tell us how you really feel.