Can you name the utilitarian items you use every day?

What are the things you touch and never think about again? That is until you need to use them.

What do you reach for as a matter of routine?

What helps you do your work?

I’m not talking about the big things.

What are the small, almost-invisible tools, materials, and utensils that ease your way in your day-to-day life?

These two images – the lead rope dangling on the fence and a knotted hank of baling twine caught in the glow of a late afternoon sun starting to set got me thinking about the very question I’m now posing to you.

Who notices baling twine other than when you’re cutting it to release a bale of hay?

Who cares about a lead rope unless you have a horse?

And yet, aren’t they beautiful?


When I started to make my list I had trouble.

Sure I can name the big things and the obvious things that help me do my job as a writer.


Coffee Maker

Cell Phone

Pens, pencils and paper




But when I drill down to the less obvious ones, they are more elusive.

Electricity and hot water come to mind, though they are hardly minor things.


Help me out.

What would go on your list?

What do you use every day but don’t think much about?