You are cordially invited to join me in taking a deep, nourishing breath. Fill your lungs with oxygen until they won’t hold even one more micro milliliter of air.

And then slowly exhale.

Drop your shoulders.

Close your eyes.

Feel the tension melt from your body.

For good measure, do the whole shebang a couple more times.

Now doesn’t that feel good?


That’s what this picture does for me.

In direct contrast to earlier this summer when the foothills were engulfed in flames, this golden glow in the west gives me contentment.

A sense of peace.

It reminds me to take the long view, especially in a crisis.

To soothe myself with the deep knowing that this will pass.

Because it will.

And does.


As I write this I realize that it may well be my definition of faith.

I  ease my anxious heart by remembering that even in the craziest, most unbalanced of times, order will return.

The balance will be regained.

Sometimes it’s a tiny sliver to hang on to.

But honestly, it works.

It’s enough.