I love watching good parents in action.

It warms my heart.

It gives me hope.

It makes me happy.

Photo Credit: Wendy Bernard

Over the past few months, when I head out to feed our two old sweeties, I’ve followed an osprey family nesting on east Prospect Road. It’s been my own brand of reality T.V.

Each evening as I drive past their nest, I check in with them.

Talk about dedicated parents!

It’s a five-month partnership to successfully raise their young.

First they built a large, sturdy nest on a utility pole.

Then they stayed on those eggs, taking turns going out for food, until two fuzzy little heads appeared.

I’ve written about this family a couple of times. Follow the links below if you want a refresher.

Nesting Osprey on Prospect Road

Happy Father’s Day!

Photo Credit: Wendy Bernard

And now, they are teaching their babies to fly, and fish, and know how to survive in the big, wide world beyond the nest.

I expect what once seemed like a spacious home now feels crowded.

Photo Credit: Wendy Bernard

Soon enough the babies will take flight and not return.

Their parents will have to be content knowing they taught them well. They will send them out into the world with hope and blessings and fingers (or wings) crossed.

And then the parents will book a cruise to the Bahamas.

Or learn a second language.

Or sleep late.

Or get reacquainted with each other.

It’s what parents do when their kids leave the nest.

They try to remember who it is they are when they aren’t parenting 24/7.

To all the great parents, human and otherwise, I wish there were gold medals for you.

What you do day in and day out to raise wonderful, responsible, mentally healthy offspring is definitely worth its weight in gold.

Well done Osprey parents! You’ve definitely brought home the gold.