Time for Tuesday Beauty

Glorious orange hibiscus

Sometimes I go to the nursery to give myself a visual treat. I like to look at what’s new and blooming.

I soak up the humid air and revel in the earthy aroma of rich black soil.


People in nurseries love plants and I usually feel among kindred spirits, even if we don’t exchange a single word. It’s the look on a person’s face when she’s choosing the perfect shrub rose, or he’s deciding which orchid to adopt.

Kindred souls.


If your spirit needs a boost in these hot dog days of summer, pack yourself off to a local nursery and wander among the blooming plants as if you were touring a botanical garden.

If you are anything like me, it will refresh you.

And remind you that there is beauty all around us, just waiting to thrill and inspire.

You might even find something you can’t live without.

We live in a beautiful world!