I have wonderful memories of time spent with both sets of my grandparents. They are sweet little slices of life that permanently reside in my heart. Decades later I can conjure a memory, roll it around in my mind and enjoy it almost as if it were happening right now.

There are thousands, or more likely millions, of experiences in my life that I don’t carry with me. They probably got bumped when something more memorable came along.

But time with grandparents is there, holding forth.

I like that.

I really like that.

Some of the most animated and interesting conversations I’ve had with my husband revolve around our childhood memories of grandparents.

And now we are grandparents.

In the business of making memories.

It’s not that we set out to do memorable things. That wouldn’t work. It wouldn’t be authentic.

But what we are doing is enjoying the heck out of our time with our grandson and his parents.

It will be up to him to decide what’s memorable.

We have established a routine of going to feed the horses when he’s visiting us.

You can see from the photos, it’s been an ongoing adventure for him.

And us.

And the horses!

It could be memory-worthy.

Time will tell.


What sweet memories about your grandparents do you carry in your heart? I’d love to hear.