When you’re two-and-a-half years old, most of the world is new to you. And you take it in with the focus of a Zen master.

You observe.

You study.

You think about it.

And then you do it with great enthusiasm. Whatever it is.

And then you do it again.

And again.

And sometimes again.

You allow nothing  to interrupt your focus.


Our grandson and his parents are visiting, so we’ve been treated to a crash course in focus.

Our world looks completely new when viewed through his eyes. I like what he helps us see.


On a recent visit to the pasture, the experience of focus was extended to the horses. I’m not sure Amigo and Atticus could be any more focused. They kept a very close eye on the little person doling out hay cubes. Who, by the way, looked very grown up, approaching the horses on his own.

His parents were just to the side, out of camera range. We didn’t just send a little guy out to fend for himself with the horses!

Just sayin’.


Watching this mini-lesson in focus, I realize that so much of what I do each day is the exact opposite. I multi-task, trying to get as much done as possible, not really being present for any of it. And there are days that if asked, I couldn’t tell you what I’d done.

That’s definitely not how I want to be living my life.

So once our company heads back home, I’m going to work on channeling my inner two year old.

I want that sense of wonder and exploration.

And yes, total and complete focus.