Mija, our little earless wonder of a sixteen-year-old cat, has been having a few mobility issues.

She has arthritis that has caused her some back pain, so she’s taking pain meds. Which have helped a lot.

Occasionally she’s not as sure-footed as she once was.

As my big birthday approaches, I can relate.

Changes in how my body works sort of freak me out.

I realize I’ve been pretty naïve, expecting everything to operate just as it did when I was in my twenties. Or thirties, or forties, or ….

Well you get the idea.

I’m learning from Mija that there is always an adaptation.

A work around.

One simply must be creative.

For example, if you’re thirsty and think your legs won’t hold you up so that you can get a good long drink of water, simply lie down beside the water bowl and drink to your heart’s content.

She’s even done this a time or two at her food station.



That’s our girl.

What adaptations have you made in your life as your body has aged?