My sister and I have been working on a mosaic installation for a meditation garden at Crossroads Safehouse, our local domestic violence shelter.

It’s been a big deal, a lot of work and in the end, a wonderfully rewarding venture.

We pulled seventy-two artists together to create mosaic or fused butterflies and dragonflies to cover a thirty-nine foot grey cinderblock wall.

We started out thinking we’d do a tree of life filled with butterflies. But soon that morphed into one hundred sixteen butterflies winging their way across the entire wall.

Truth is, in the beginning we had no real idea how it was going to turn out.

We were venturing into unknown territory for us.

At times it was stressful. We even considered scrapping the whole project a time or two.

Tempers flared. We got tired. Our hands hurt. Blah, blah, blah.

You get the idea. This wasn’t always happy butterflies and sunlight.

It was work. And a lot of it.


But isn’t that how life goes?

It challenges us. Things aren’t always just as we planned.

Or hoped.

But we keep going and do the best we can.

And in the end, it turns into something stunningly wonderful.

Just like life.

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