A sweet old Mustang we called Red


I’m finding that there is a big downside to loving other people’s horses.

For one thing I have little to no control over their wellbeing.

And for another, I’m out of the decision-making loop.

Owners feel no need to inform me of their plans. Most have no idea how crazy I am about their animals.

Others might just stop at the word crazy!


I’ve created a story about our two old sweeties and their Herd of Oldsters.

And I’ve brought you into their world.

But truthfully, the owners of the other horses have no idea.

They don’t know about this blog.

They don’t know about the Herd of Oldsters.

And yes, I do believe that a few of them think I am more than a little weird.


Early in the summer we noticed that our favorite bad boy Mustang wasn’t looking so good. Like our two, he’d had a rough winter. He’d lost weight and didn’t have his signature sparkle. He’s right around the same age as Bud, which means he’s twenty-nine years old. He’s definitely a senior citizen.


About two weeks ago we couldn’t find him. He didn’t come for snacks with the others. He wasn’t hanging out with his Oldster pals. We gave it a little time, thinking surely he was still around the pasture – that we just couldn’t see him.

But he wasn’t there.

We checked the barn and paddocks, thinking perhaps he’d been moved.


Red was gone.

There were no goodbyes. No opportunity for closure. Not a shred of  information.

Just gone.

We still haven’t been able to find out what happened.

We desperately want to know that he’s okay.

Boarding fees are going up and maybe his owners felt the need to find a less expensive home for Red.

But who will tell his story?

Who will talk to him, and feed him snacks every day?

Not everyone sees his charm and magic.

Some may think he’s just a gnarly, old, over the hill Mustang.

His people are busy with young children. They don’t make it out to see him very often.

I worry that he is missing his friends, his herd.


I know this: I am better having known Red. He’s my first Mustang friend and it’s been a wonderful relationship.


Go with God you sweet old man. Thank you for being my friend. You will always have a place of honor in my heart.