There’s always a bit of a dance along the fence line when I hand out snacks.

A nudge here.

A shuffle there.

Even in the Herd of Oldsters, possibly the mellowest, most accepting herd on the planet, there is protocol to follow.

Amigo is the most dominant of the bunch and thinks it’s his right to be fed first.

Chickadee is a shy girl and almost always brings up the rear. Eventually I think Atty will challenge Amigo for dominance, but for now he yields.


Most curious interlopers are chased off. They are told in no uncertain terms that this is NOT their chow line. It’s probably a good thing because I’d end up feeding the entire herd. Which would mean I’d have to find another job or a serious sugar daddy to finance my need to feed every horse I meet!


Before the big rain came and filled the pond, I took this photo of the three stretched out along the fence, waiting ever so patiently for their next hay cube. Left to right: Chickadee, Amigo and Atticus.

P.S. Just joking about the sugar daddy. Really.