The monsoon rains have arrived, and I’d say with not a minute to spare.

Every year, moisture from the Gulf of Mexico makes its way to Colorado. It accounts for the rainy June days we often have.

This year June brought record heat and fire, while the monsoons waited until July to make their appearance.

The cooler weather and moisture have been welcomed like a favored aunt and uncle. Just like in the movies, people dashed outside at the first sign of raindrops, allowing them to splash on their faces, arms outstretched in thanks.

What can I say?

We needed rain.


The downside to the monsoons is flash flooding – especially in the burn areas where there is no longer vegetation to absorb the water. Seems this year Mother Nature isn’t bestowing any gifts without attaching a little barb or two.

Here in town, the downpours have softened the crusty dried earth.

In the early mornings when I step out onto my deck, everything smells fresh and clean and I breathe in the cool moisture with glee.

And the yards and gardens and pastures must be giddy with all the water they’ve been able to soak up.

We’ll see an immediate greening up, which is lovely.


In the pasture, the horses hunkered down, butts to the wind when the big rain came.

One minute it seemed the sky was dark and threatening, and the next, water poured from the sky in torrents as if a gate had been opened.

The pond, that’s been bone-dry all summer, filled in less than thirty minutes because of the runoff.


Even though it was still somewhere around seventy degrees, the rain chilled Pepper and she shivered while she ate. I stood with her in the rain, rubbing her flanks, hoping it would warm her up a bit. I can’t bear watching her shake with the cold. Our sweet old girl hasn’t got an ounce of fat on her.


We have a few more days of the monsoons before we get back to ninety-degree weather.

I plan to get as wet as I can while I have the chance.

How about you?